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Red Movember - RED IPA Recipe

Red Movember

RED IPA – 5.5 Gal - OG 1.053 – FG 1.011 – ABV 5.5% - IBU 50 – SRM 13

This is the SIBLING to our Pink October Red IPA. The story behind this beer is that when making the Pink October recipe, we were trying to decide between two different RED IPA recipes we had made. We really enjoyed both, and we could not pick – so we decided to do both – just on different months!

What separates Red Movember, from Pink October? Well the grain bill is identical, but the hops and yeast are different. That really can make all the difference. HS-1228 is a catchy named hop from Washington State, its new and is designed to consistently offer loads of tropical fruit and West Coast hop character. We get lots of pine, as well as citrus and mango from this hop!

Cali Ale is Escarpment Labs OG. This was their first yeast – and is still one of the most popular. We love using it for its clean taste, but also how it promotes hop aromas. Ideal for West Coast IPAs and Pale Ales.

All in all, this beer will share many similarities with Pink October, but is different enough to stand on its own. It will have a brilliant red colour, which will be enhanced by not adding dry hops. Instead of big fruit forward notes, it will have a great malt/pine/citrus balance that will be super crushable.

Just like with Pink October, all net proceeds from sales of this beer will go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Full Description and Instructions Here!



  • RED X - 11LBs


  • Columbus (15% A.A.) x 0.5oz @ 60
  • HS-1228 (10.5% A.A.) - 2.0 oz @ FLAMEOUT - 10 minutes, do NOT cool
  • HS-1228 (10.5% A.A.) - 2.0oz @ 10 minutes at 165°F/74°C
  • Columbus (15% A.A.) - 0.5oz @ 10 minutes at 165°C/74°C 


  • Cali Ale - Escarpment Labs

Extras (Must be purchased separately)

  • Gypsum - add 3/4 tsp at mash in, enhances the hop bitterness and aroma. 
  • Irish Moss - add 1 tsp at final fifteen minutes for improved clarity
  • DME/Dextrose - 150g at bottling for priming

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