Beer Starter Kit - Regular +

This is our starter kit for producing all grain batches of beer up to 6.5 gallons. This kit is identical to our Regular Start Kit, with the exception of the brew pot, this kit has a larger 10 gallon pot instead of the 8 gallon pot. It makes it easier to produce 5-6 gallon all grain batches when producing beer via the Brew in a Bag method. 

Package Includes:

- 10 Gallon Welded Brew Kettle

- 27L Plastic Pail

- 27L Pail Lid - Bored

- 23L Pail for Bottling

- Hydrometer

- Auto Siphon - Regular Size

- Tubing - 5/16" x 6ft

- Rubber Bung #6.5 and 3 Piece Airlock

- Filling Tube

- Starsan - 4oz

- 10x6 Muslin Bag

- 21x30 Polyester Brewing Bag


Check out some of our recipes to get started brewing your first batch of beer!

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