Kitchener/Waterloo Pickup Location at Counterpoint Brewing Company

February 17, 2023 1 min read

Kitchener/Waterloo Pickup Location at Counterpoint Brewing Company

Bi-Weekly Order Pickups Available at Counterpoint Brewing Co. Starting Feb 24th 2023

Just a couple months ago Shortfinger, the great homebrewing shop & brewery in Kitchener/Waterloo closed their homebrew side of the business and have focused on being an excellent craft brewery for KW. They have graciously sent their customers our way. Only problem is, we're a 40+ minute drive from KW. Since the closure we have been working on a solution to open an order pickup depot in Kitchener.

Enter Counterpoint Brewing CO. They produce excellent craft beers in a wide range of styles. Graeme, the owner has long been a big supporter of the Kitchener homebrewing community, and he is excited to be an order hub for KJ moving forward. They are in a perfect location between Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge. Close to all major highways and with lots of parking. While you're there grabbing your order, why not grab a pint or two as well?

How Does it Work?

Orders for pickup at Counterpoint can be placed on our website or by phone. On the website, one of the shipping methods will be "Kitchener/Waterloo Pickup @ Counterpoint Brewing Company". Select that, and on the next delivery window we will bring it to the brewery. Orders will be brought to Counterpoint on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. Our first delivery to them will be on February 24th, and below is the schedule for March.

Orders must be in by 9am on the day of delivery. Orders will be available for pickup at Counterpoint by 2pm on delivery day.