Merlot Juice - 11.5L Canister

Merlot is one of our lighter bodied wines. It's lighter in colour, and has aromas of raspberry and strawberry. The finished product has big berry flavours, that can be a little jammy. We like to blend this with Cabernet, or Sangiovese. For larger batches, it can be made into three part blend with Syrah and Cabernet. 

Packaged in a 11.5L canister. Made from pure grapes, not from concentrate.


2022 Harvest Chemical Analysis

Specific Gravity: 1.094

Potential Alcohol: 13.1%

Total Acidity (G/L): 4.5

pH: 3.58

Country of Origin: Italy


If you're interested in making this wine on-site at KJ Urban Winery, find the information here.