Merlot is one of our lighter bodied wines. It's lighter in colour, and has aromas of raspberry and strawberry. The finished product has big berry flavours, that can be a little jammy. We like to blend this with Cabernet, or Sangiovese. For larger batches, it can be made into three part blend with Syrah and Cabernet. Scroll down to learn more.


2020 Harvest Brix°: 22.7

Potential Alcohol: 13.4%


If you're interested in making this wine on-site at KJ Urban Winery, find the information here.


Merlot - Italy

Merlot, meaning “young blackbird” in French, can be identified by its loose bunches and large berries. These grapes are black-blue and thin skinned and contain high levels of the chemical “Resveratrol”. They thrive in cold soil but tend to bud early, leaving them at risk of cold frost damage.