Meet the KJ Urban Winery Team

Devon playing with the puppies


KJ’s Wine specialist, CEO & “Handyman”

“I have worked in the wine industry for over 25 years.  I was a professional winemaker that studied winemaking and oenology in five European countries and have been a guest speaker for over a dozen winemaking events and conferences.  Kamil Juices was started by my parents in 1979 from the basement of their home, and then became a retail / wholesale bricks and mortar operation in 1981.  It has now become a world recognized distributor of 100% pure grape juices from Europe for the home and commercial wine industry.  My goal is to continue with the traditions of wine and also to bring KJ to everyone that is passionate for winemaking and wine drinking.  With the reintroduction of craft brewing supplies into our portfolio, I feel that we now have an even stronger appeal to any fan of fermentation.”.


General Manager: AKA the guy who really runs the show

“Originally from Vancouver, I have settled in Ontario and have come to immerse myself in the craft brewing and winery scene. While completing an International Business degree from the University of Guelph, I also worked at many high end hotels and Country Clubs. My varied experiences in the hospitality industry honed my customer service philosophy that guides me today as KJ’s Director of Operations and Customer Experience. I believe strongly in creating an environment at KJ that is both welcoming and professional. I am an avid winemaker and a budding craft brewer. I truly enjoy sharing my expertise and stories with the clients and staff of KJ.  I am thrilled and thankful to work hand in hand with everyone in their journey to create the perfect beverage.”


Assistant Manager | The Great Organizer

Devon is the bleach queen of KJ. Once spotted, any dirty spots on the floor will be annihilated in seconds. Dev is the engine that keeps KJ running. She consistently keeps orders, inventory and projects updated. Adrian and Connor tend to forget things – Devon remembers for them. 

Devon has always loved wine – particularly red wine (Valpolicella, Cabernet are some of her favourites). Since working here she has become quite the brewer as well. She makes a killer cider with a secret ingredient. She might even tell you what it is.


"The Brewer"

Jere spent 8 years working at Wellington Brewery before joining us in December 2019. He worked every part of Welly and learned a tonne about brewing beer both at an industrial level, and about all of the ingredients and flavours that go into it. At KJ, Jeremy has now transitioned into being the rock of our brewing. He loves to make beer, chat about beer, and he's starting to get into wine too. 

Jere can be found in the 'Brewing Room' found near our mill. There he is typically brewing one of the upcoming beer of the months. He loves inquisitive visitors! (we promise this is not sarcastic)

His favourite beers are IPAs, followed by Juicy IPAs, followed by lagers/pilsners. Do NOT ask him about Milkshake IPAs. His favourite wine is Cabernet Sauvignon.  


"The Bottler"

Dana joined us in September 2020. She works a few days a week and keeps it light. She loves to assist our bottling clients and is always happy to help. Outside for work she is pretty busy these days! Currently she is a full time student, works a couple of jobs, and a (failed) comedian. 
Dana is a big fan of Hazy IPAs, Sours, Pabst, and ciders. For wines, she really enjoys wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling.


"The East Coast Brewer"

More info coming soon!