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Since the summer of 2017 we have operated an CO2 exchange and fill program here at KJ Urban Winery. Until then there were few options for getting a CO2 tank filled, our goal is to make the process as easy and affordable as possible. 

We are partnering with a local Guelph company called Carbonics. They specialize in just about everything draft related; whether it be line cleaning or a professional draft system installation – they have you covered. We could not be happier to be working with professionals like this.

Update: February 2021 & Onward CO2 tank fills will be done weekly. Deadline to drop off a tank to be filled is Thursdays at 5pm, and the tanks will be returned by 12pm on Friday. This ONLY applies to personal tank fills, NOT the exchange program. 

How Does it All Work

There are a few ways to get into the exchange program. The first way is to simply buy a new, filled CO2 tank from us and you are automatically entered into the program. There are no re-certification fees, just the cost of exchanging your tank each time it is empty.

Alternatively, if you already own a CO2 tank and want to join the program, all that is needed is to pay a one time buy-in fee of $25. This enters you into the program for life. This fee is for tanks of all sizes.

CO2 tanks that enter the program HAVE to meet the following criteria:

1) Aluminum not steel. (How to tell? Aluminum is not magnetized, and is very light. Magnets will stick to steel tanks)

2) NOT painted

3) CANNOT be the property of another company (eg, Praxair)

If your tank meets these requirements we would love for you to join the program. You can purchase the buy-in at our retail location in Guelph, or here on our online shop

Don't forget to purchase the CO2 gas swap on top of the one time buy in fee.

To buy a new, filled tank (with automatic entry into our program):

2.5lb – $116.99

5lb – $116.99

10lb – $179.99

20lb – $199.99

To exchange an empty tank for a filled one:

(a 1-time buy-in fee will be required if exchanging a tank not purchased from us)

2.5lb – $19.99

5lb – $24.99

10lb – $29.99

20lb – $34.99

To have your own tank filled (typically a two day turnaround time):

2.5lb – $19.99

5lb – $24.99

10lb – $29.99

20lb – $34.99

Nitrogen or Beer Gas:

Brand New Nitrogen or Beer Gas Tank – 5LB (22 Cubic Feet) – $149.99

Exchange/Refill of Nitrogen or Beer Gas Tank – 5LB (22 Cubic Feet) – $44.99

Absolutely! We carry a wide variety of regulatorsfittingstubing, and other gas related equipment both in-store and online. 

If you are doing an exchange, we can swap out tanks instantly. We have a large number of tanks on hand in the store in all sizes!

Yes, we charge a one time $25 buy-in fee for any tanks that are brought into our program. The reason for this is that we re-certify every “foreign” tank to ensure they meet our safety standards. Even if the tank looks great, we just want to be sure that it is fully certified before we add it to our program. Certification costs us $25, we’re merely just covering our bases so everyone in the program is getting professional filled tanks that are officially certified.

Alternatively, if you buy a tank outright from us you are automatically entered into our program with no buy-in fee needed!

Of course! We are able to have tanks filled. We send tanks out to be filled once a week. The deadline to get a tank in for filling is Thursday at 4pm, any tank in by that time will be returned the next day (Friday) at 12pm. In this instance there is no ‘buy in’ fee, though we will only fill tanks that are within 4 years and 9 months of their last inspection date. If a tank is out of the date range then we can have it re-certified for an extra $25. The price for having a tank filled is the same as having one exchanged.

We also fill stainless steel tanks, as well as ones that are painted. 

Yes! We can have your tank re-certified for $25. It can take up to 4 weeks to have it completed. Mind you, this is the same price as the buy-in and you can have a new, filled tank within minutes.

We do have a couple of limitations for the program.

- We can only accept aluminum tanks, stainless steel tanks are not accepted.

- Tanks that have been fully painted will not be accepted

- Tanks marked with the property of Praxair, Line, or Air Liquide are not accepted

Unfortunately we are unable to refill Soda Stream canisters. We are not one of their authorized refill/exchange partners. For getting your Soda Stream tank exchanged, your best bet is to go to Canadian Tire in Guelph.

Yes! Starting April 2019 we have brand new 5Lb tanks for sale of both Nitrogen and Beer Gas. We can also fill existing Nitrogen and Beer Gas tanks. If you purchase a tank from us, we will also be able to exchange it with another new tank when it runs empty.

For safety reasons we don’t offer exchanges on existing Nitrogen or Beer Gas tanks (unless purchased from us). We will re-fill existing Nitrogen or Beer Gas tanks with a 2 business day turnaround time.

Brand New Nitrogen or Beer Gas Tank

5LB (22 Cubic Feet) – $149.99

Exchange/Refill of Nitrogen or Beer Gas Tank

5LB (22 Cubic Feet) – $44.99