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Syrah Juice - 11.5L Canister

We source our fresh Syrah juice from the southern part of Burgundy, France. Harvested each fall, packaged in Germany and sent to Canada. This is a premium product made with 100% freshly pressed wine grapes.

Our French Syrah juice turns into the jammiest wine that we offer. It is medium to full bodied with strong raspberry and jammy notes. It goes really nice with a heavy oaking. It can also be blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Sangiovese. It also works as part of a 3 or even 4 part blend of those wines! Our Syrah comes from the southern part of Burgundy, France.

2021 Tasting Notes: Dark colour, medium bodied, lighter finish. 

2021 Harvest Chemical Analysis

Specific Gravity: 1.090

Potential Alcohol: 12.9%

Total Acidity (G/L): 7.1

pH: 3.35

Country of Origin: France

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