Our Chardonnay comes from Burgundy, France. The finished wine features big apple and pear flavours. It can be turned into a buttery/creamy Chardonnay if fermented and aged on oak. If made un-oaked, the apple flavours really shine through. We also like to blend it with Sauvignon Blanc, or even with Trebbiano. Scroll down to learn more.


2020 Harvest Chemical Analysis

Brix° 24.8

Potential Alcohol: 15.0%

Total Acidity (G/L): TBD




If you're interested in making this wine on-site at KJ Urban Winery, find the information here. 

Chardonnay - France

Chardonnay, a smooth and light wine, is believed to have originated in the French region of Burgundy and is planted in more wine regions than any other white grape. These green and tough skinned grapes bud very early on and rapidly lose acidity as soon as they ripen.