QA-23 Wine Yeast - 5g

QA-23 is our in-house yeast for all fermentations of Chardonnay, Trebbiano, and Dry Moscato. It is also great for Sauvignon Blanc, though we prefer to use BA-11 in house. We enjoy using QA23 particulary because of how it enhances the mouthfeels of our wines.

Sold in 5g bags designed for fermentations of up to 6 gallons. 

QA-23 is known for

- Having low nutrient and oxygen requirements. It has been known to ferment juice at low temperatures (15c) to dryness.

- Excellent thiol converter making it a complementary yeast for developing varietal Sauvignon Blanc passion fruit character.

- Produces large amounts of the enzyme beta-gluco­sidase during growth which allows for the release of bound terpenes in aromatic varieties.

- QA23 makes great Cider too!