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Fresh Apple Cider - 11L

Pre-Order Your 2022 Fresh Apple Cider! 

Estimated arrival for early November 2022

Packaged in 11L canisters. 

Our supplier this year is from from the St Jacobs area, they supply cider juice for a bunch of different hard cider companies in Ontario - they make an excellent product!

The estimated original gravity on the fall 2022 cider is 1.045. An OG in that range results in a 5.9% ABV (if taken down to 1.000), though you can of course adjust the starting level of sugar to suit your preferred style. 

This years cider is as fresh as it gets, but it is also not pasteurized or filtered in any way. Unlike 2021s cider, it is not pectic stable meaning to get a cleaner looking cider you will need to add 1 tbsp pectin enzyme per 5-6 gallons.

Due to the fresh nature of the cider, this item can NOT be shipped. We will be offering local delivery for cider orders. 

We will contact all pre-orders via phone or email once the cider arrives at our facility. 

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