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Coffee's for Closers - Coffee Stout Recipe

Coffee's for Closers

Coffee Stout - 5.5 Gallons - All Grain - ABV 5.6% - IBU 48 - SRM 33


We've named this beer after the greatest cameo of all time. Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross. If you've seen the movie, you will understand. If you have not, then what are you doing! Go see it!


This is a full bodied, thick coffee stout. It has a great aroma, followed by a pleasing mouth feel. The chocolatey notes of coffee linger for minutes after taking a sip. 


Purchasing this recipe includes all of the below ingredients, as well as the instructions. We will mill the grains for this recipe unless told otherwise. Equipment and extras such as dextrose or DME for priming are sold separately. 


This recipe also needs coffee to be added in secondary. We recommend brewing some espresso at home, or going to your local coffee shop and getting 6 shots of espresso!


Recipe Instructions


Included Ingredients


Maris Otter x 8.5lbs

Crystal Medium x 1lb

Chocolate Malt x 0.5lb

Coffee Malt (or Brown) x 0.75lb

Roasted Barley x 0.4lb

Flaked Oats x 1.0lb



1oz Magnum @ 60min

1oz Crystal @ 20 min 

1oz Crystal @ 5min