These dark purple skinned grapes are one of the primary grapes used in the creation of Chianti and typically require a long growing season as they bud early and ripen slowly. They are also prone to rotting, due to the thinness of their skin, if not well tended.

Juice Description
  • Often blended to improve colour, texture and body, with the Bordeaux grape Cabernet Sauvignon being a favourite addition
  • Other notable Italian grapes such as Canaiolo and even Trebbiano are used to blend with the Sangiovese to create formidable wines
  • Sangiovese is one of the predominant grapes found in “super Tuscans” that have become quite trendy
Wine Description
  • Can have high acidity and light colour
  • Longer fermentations and oak fermentation as well as malolactic ferments are utilized to soften Sangiovese.
  • It is a red that loves oak and is said to soak up the vanilla flavour compound found through oak ageing
  • Traditional winemaking styles yield a more bitter, herby, mineral complexity and the Bordeaux style influences create a spicy, vanilla and red cherry wine.
Winemaker’s Notes
  • The primary grape in Chianti
  • Wine responds well to 12-24 months of aging
  • Blends well with Barbera, Valpolicella, and Cabernet
  • Oaking this wine is almost a requirement. We find it enhances the cherry and vanilla notes of the wine.

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