Winter Lockdown Procedures

by Connor Creighton December 21, 2020 2 min read

Winter Lockdown Procedures

As we're sure you have heard, Ontario will be starting a province wide lockdown on December 26th. Like other retail businesses, KJ will be allowed to stay open for curb-side and delivery orders only. Which means, starting on December 26th our doors will be locked to the public again. 

We went through this same experience back in March, and we're completely ready to transition into curbside/delivery mode only again. 

Our entire product catalogue is available on our website for online purchases. 

*One small caveat: On Monday, January 4th we will be doing inventory and will be unable to process any orders for that one day*

Here is How You Can Get Your Order:

  • Free Local Pickup: We will contact you when your order is ready, typically it takes 1-2 hours. Our procedure is to have our customers call when they are close, or outside the shop and we will safe drop the order outside our doors. Local pickup is available from 11am-5pm Monday to Saturday. 
  • $5 Local Delivery & FREE Local Deliver for Orders Over $50: Tuesday's & Fridays are delivery days. The cut off for delivery is 1pm on the day of delivery. (ie, get your order in by 12:59pm on Tuesday to get it delivered that day, an order at 1:15 on Tuesday will be delivered Friday.)
  • Worldwide Shipping with Canada Post: We try to keep our rates as low as possible. We have $8.99 flat rate shipping for orders over $50 and under 2KG, we also have low shipping rates for dry yeast orders. 

We will be available at the store from 10-5 Monday to Saturday. Please feel free to reach out to us via phone (519-824-1624) or email ( for any questions, concerns, or orders. 

CO2 Program

We are unable to ship CO2 locally or via Canada Post. We still want our clients to have their CO2 re-filled and exchanged. We will continue to offer this service. CO2 refills and exchanges can be purchased on our website, or you can call us to schedule an exchange. The exchange still has to be done locally, but this will make it easier to process exchanges for everyone.

Winemaking & Bottling

All wine will continue to be produced and looked after. We are able to take orders, please give us a call to place your order. For wine bottling, we will bottle wine for our clients. We can either use new bottles, or clients can drop off their bottles at scheduled times and we will bottle for them. 

We will take every safety precaution when handling our clients wine and bottles. We will use safety gloves, and properly sterilize every piece of equipment, every single time. 



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