Getting Started

Our pure fresh grape juices come packed in 11.2 litre (2.9 US gal) food grade sterile plastic containers. The grapes harvested for our juices are picked at the peak of their ripeness which is determined by that year’s harvest conditions. This means our pure fresh juices are balanced by mother nature. There is absolutely NO NEED to add water or acid blend, like you do with concentrates.

Pouring The Juice

Take the 11L plastic container, and pour the juice into the sterilized carboy or plastic fermenter. Leave 7-8 inches of space at the top of the carboy or fermenter. You can safely fit two of our canisters into the 30L fermenter. If you are using a carboy to ferment you will need a gallon jug for overflow. The gallon jug must also have 3-4 inches of space below the neck.

Airspace is good for fermentation. The fermenting juice will bubble up considerably and the air space prevents it from spilling.

Take a specific gravity reading using the hydrometer. It should usually be anywhere from 1070 – 1092. Taking the specific gravity gives us information about the sugar content of the juice. It is read by pouring juice into the hydrometers plastic cylinder and allowing the hydrometer to float freely.

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Tilting the canister backward makes opening the juice container far less messy.