Production of Italian Valpolicella began in the mid 12th Century and features a blend of three grapes from the Veneto region: Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. The late budding vine typically sees an early harvesting period and produces a juice with a stronger acidity and a thinner profile.

Juice Description
  • Light cherry flavor, with licorice hints
  • Lighter in color and can oxidize if left unchecked
  • Strong acidity with a thinner profile
  • Mid level sugar gives this variety a very smooth and consistent fermentation
Wine Description
  • Smooth and light with good acid balance
  • Sour cherries with a bitter finish when young
  • Made into larger robust reds in the “Amarone” style known across the world
  • Said to be drank at 13°C (56°F) which is one of the coolest drinking reds
Winemaker’s Notes
  • We often call Valpolicella the gateway red –  it is a very easy drinking, well balanced wine that anyone can enjoy, and is often the first red wine many will try.
  • Aging adds a lot of richness to this wine, but it can be enjoyed early on too
  • Blends well with Sangiovese
  • We typically do not oak this wine, but it can be done with unique results.

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Valpolicella grape juices for wine making in Guelph