Sauvignon Blanc


Originally from France, the Sauvignon Blanc grape is grown in Italy with higher sugar due to the warmer climate.These green skinned grapes form in small tight clusters, budding late but ripening early. Due to quick spoilage, these grapes need to be harvested immediately at ripening.

Juice Description
  • Typically high in malic acid, green and red pepper flavors are detected
  • Fresh and crisp with a strong sugar acid balance
  • Hints of herbs and smokiness
Wine Description
  • Temperature of fermentation has a great deal of influence on the wine, hot means mineral flavors and cool means more fruit and tropical flavors
  • Naturally high in acid, barrel aging softens the wine a great deal
  • When fermented on the skins it can sharpen the intensity and pungency
Winemaker’s Notes
  • A store favourite
  • Wine responds well to 6-12 months of aging, but can comfortably be consumed young as well
  • Blends well with Chardonnay to make a Chablis style
  • This wine can be oaked in a barrel or with oak chips
  • Can also be made in the Sur Lie method

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