Pinot Grigio


Known as one of the “noble grapes” of Alsace in France, Pinot Grigio is typically grown in Northern Italy and is the clone of the French Pinot Gris. The grayish-blue and rose skinned fruit grow in small pinecone-shaped clusters and typically produce a light and crisp tasting wine.

Juice Description
  • Deep golden color with some slight shades of pinkness
  • Rich floral bouquets
  • Can oxidize quickly
  • Honey like with perfectly balanced acid
Wine Description
  • Typically light and crisp with a freshness of pronounced acidity
  • Great fruit character of pear and melon
  • Color greatly depends on the region the grape comes from, lighter from Italy, straw like from France and copper/pink from the USA
  • One of the most popular white wines of the last decade
Winemaker's Notes
  • Wine responds well to 6-12 months of aging
  • We typically add wine conditioner to this at bottling
  • We find that it blends nicely with Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling
  • We prefer to not oak this wine

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Pinot Grigio grape juices for wine making in Guelph