Merlot, meaning “young blackbird” in French, can be identified by its loose bunches and large berries. These grapes are black-blue and thin skinned and contain high levels of the chemical “Resveratrol”. They thrive in cold soil but tend to bud early, leaving them at risk of cold frost damage.

Juice Description
  • Grassy with berry notes
  • Fresh with surprisingly low acids
  • Hints of herbs and earthiness
  • Great rich color that is held by good tannins
Wine Description
  • Light body with herbal notes
  • Used in Italy to soften the higher acidic varieties of reds in many blend including Chianti
  • Current and Plum with hints of cloves and green olives
Winemaker’s Notes
  • Wine responds well to 8-16 months of aging
  • Blends well with Syrah, Cabernet, and Sangiovese
  • Without oak, this wine has very bright berry flavours. When oak is added there is a deeper undertone of smoke and it adds more body and colour.
  • More of a lighter to medium bodied wine

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Merlot grape juices for wine making in Ontario