Italian moscato grapes are some of the oldest grown grapes in the “Asti” region of Italy. These normally white skinned fruit can also have colours of pink and reddish-brown and typically produce a very fruit forward juice with strong notes of melon and citrus. These juices are typically used in many fortified wines and dessert wines

Juice Description
  • Very fruit forward with strong notes of melon and citrus
  • Sweet perfume with a crisp bite
  • Normally has great longevity do to its late ripening
  • Evenly balanced
Wine Description
  • Very light and elegant
  • Great fruit character with a flowery bouquet.
  • The primary component of Asti Spumante
  • One of the treasures of Italy
Winemaker’s Notes
  • We love to make this off-dry
    • It retains a bit of the bite from a dry wine, but has an enchanting sweetness on the nose creating a well balanced wine.
  • We prefer to not oak this wine

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Italian moscato grape juices for wine making and wine making equipment in Ontario