Barbera grapes are some of the oldest wines in Italy and feature great acidity that is balanced by smoother, fruitier notes. These rich coloured purple-blue skinned grapes yield large quantities due to their vigorous growth.

Juice Description
  • Known for its cherries, raspberries and blueberries.
  • Strong acid with surprisingly lower tannins
  • Higher in sugar when harvested in the ‘October’ range
Wine Description
  • Great alcoholic structure provides longer cellaring capabilities
  • Wine benefits greatly from good barrel ageing to round the flavors
  • Blackberry and black cherries are found to be pronounced in younger versions but mellow with age
Winemaker’s Notes
  • We call this the “hipster” wine: It is a really good wine that you probably haven’t heard of.
  • Can be enjoyed very soon after bottling. Though it can be aged as well.
  • Blends well with Syrah, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, and Sangiovese
  • Oaking can really change the character of the wine. Without oak it is very fruit forward with strong notes of blackberry and blum. With oak it will have notes of smoke, and leather and less fruitiness.

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