Originating in the Rhine region of Germany, the riesling grapes are estimated to be the world’s 20th most grown variety. The grapes are white and light skinned and grow in smaller bunches, aiding in their bright and crisp flavours.

Juice Description
  • Aromatic variety displaying flowery, almost perfumed aromas
  • Very strong acids
  • Bright and crisp
  • An apple and grapefruit nose
Wine Description
  • Often consumed when young
  • Wine may have aromas of green or other apples, peach, honey, rose blossom or cut green grass, and usually a crisp taste due to the high acidity.
  • Wines tend to acquire a petrol note which is an integral part of the aroma profile of mature Riesling.
  • The most planted of Germany’s best know varieties
Winemaker’s Notes
  • Wine responds well to 6-18 months of aging
  • We typically add wine conditioner to this at bottling
  • We find that it blends nicely with Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay, and Pinot Grigio
  • We do not oak this wine
  • We typically produce this to be dry, but it can be made off-dry

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