Grown mainly in Chile, Argentina, and France, these black-skinned grapes are high in sugar and create a very full bodied Malbec wine.

At KJ Urban Winery in Guelph, we make two types of Malbec in store. One is made from juice, and the other is Malbec fermented on the skins of the fruit in a traditional winemaking method. We call this the Skins program.

The wine made from the juice edition is a full bodied wine with notes of plum, blackberry and soft tannins. It is very enjoyable early on, and ages out wonderfully. Malbec made from our Skins program is very full bodied, with strong tannins and even higher alcohol. It has a dark indigo colour and looks excellent in any wine glass.

The Malbec is a limited time product only. It is available to be ordered in MARCH ONLY.

Juice Description
  • Very dark colour
  • High in sugar
  • It ripens mid-season
  • flavours of plum, black-berry
  • Oaking is an excellent idea
Wine Description
  • Dark jammy fruit flavours
  • Strong flavours, featuring notes of blackberry, plum, pepper and spice
  • Very full bodied
  • High in alcohol
  • Blends very well with Cabernet, Merlot, and Syrah

To learn more about Malbec wine juices or our winemaking process, contact KJ Urban Winery in Guelph. To purchase Malbec wine juice, visit our online shop.

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