Victory Malt

With an aroma of baking bread, Victory Malt is well suited for Nut Brown Ales and other medium to dark beers. It has a clean flavor that makes it well suited for ales and lagers. You can use in small amounts to add complexity and warm color to lighter colored ales and lagers. We love to use this or Biscuit in our West Coast IPAs!

Can be used instead of Biscuit or Melanoidin malt.  


- Maltster: Briess

- Profile: Toasty, Biscuity, Baking Bread, Clean

- Beer Styles: IPA, ESB, Amber, Nut Brown Ale, Porter, Dark Beers

- Lovibond: 28

- Protein Total: 12.5%

- Moisture % Max: 2.5

- Extract FG Min: 75

- Usage Rate: Up to 10%