USED Compact Bench Top Can Seamer

The  Compact Bench Top Can Seamer is perfect for homebrewers wanting to keep their brew fresh and fully protected against the light, or for breweries looking to can their own beer.

This used, out-of-box model is equipped with the splash guard add-on* and the power cord, but is missing the can spacer. Please speak with a KJ employee about this, we'll be happy to special order the size of spacer best suitable for the cans you plan to seal. 

The compact design of this unit makes it perfect for any situation as it can be set up almost anywhere. It only requires one person to operate, and each can should take approximately 5 seconds to seam.

It is compact, durable, and safe to operate in a wet environment. The platform is made out of 304 stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about it rusting. The body is made from hammered sheet metal and kept together with stainless steel screws. Rubber feet at the base helps to keep it stationary so you don't have to worry about it slipping and sliding while operating, cutting down on potential hazards and accidents. Alternatively, you can secure it directly to a counter thanks to the built-in brackets near the feet.

The Cannular runs off of 24V DC power via the included cord and plug. The cord attaches to an Anderson socket located on the back of the unit. It can be powered through a standard wall socket.


  • Model: KL10757
  • Voltage: 24V (12amps)
  • Power: 250W
  • Rated Speed: 3300 RPM
  • Gearbox Ratio: 9.8 : 1
  • Power Plug: Anderson Type 40A

This Splash Guard is meant to work with the Cannular Compact Bench Top Can Seamer. When canning it is important to fill the can right to the top to the point where it's slightly overflowing. Doing so helps ensure that there is really low dissolved oxygen in the beer can.

The problem with filling beer cans to this point is that you may have a lot of splash back that could make a mess of your brewing area. By installing the splash guard on your Cannular you can stop this from occurring and make your setup far more sanitary.

The Splash Guard is made out of Polycarbonate and 304 Stainless Steel. 
* Two 3mm socket screws and 7mm nuts will be required to attach the assembled Splash Guard to the Bench Top Can Seamer.


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