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US-05 (500g Brick)

Sold as a sealed 500g brick of US-05. If you use US-05 a lot in your brewing you can save lots by purchasing the yeast in this format!

US-05 is a ready to pitch dry American Ale yeast. It produces well balanced beers with low diacetyl and a very clean, crisp end palate. With low to medium sediment, and medium final gravities, this yeast is a perfect selection for many ale styles. 

We find that US-05 tends to be better suited for malt forward beers. For hoppier beers, we recommend using S-04. That yeast really brings out the fruit and citrus from the big American hops. 

Fermentation Temperature: 12°c - 25°c

Storage: Cool, Dry conditions (<10°c)

Floculation: Medium

Residual Sugars: 11 g/l at attenuation of 81%

Dosage Instructions: 50 to 80 g/hl

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