Tannin Complex (10g)

Tannin Complex is a proprietary cellaring and finishing product. It is a blend of proanthocyanidic (exotic woods) and ellagic (oak) tannins. It enhances structure, aids color stabilization and provides anti-oxidant protection. It is less reactive and more polymerized than some other tannins, thus it integrates well and provides balance. It is particularly useful in wines with up-front fruit or where smooth tannin structure is lacking.

To Use: During transfer or racking add Tannin Complex into the wine, mixing well for homogeneity. Additions may be made during the first 2-3 rackings, followed by organoleptic evaluation. Final additions should be made 3-6 weeks before bottling to allow for complete polymerization and settling.


For Barrel Aging: 5-30g/hectalitre or 1-6g/20L
Before Bottling (3-6 weeks contact time): 3-10g/hectalitre or 1-2g/20L