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Super Sesh - Extract Version

Super Sesh

Session Ale Recipe - 5.5 Gal - 4.4% ABV - 19 IBU - 1 SRM

Beer is kryptonite for the average dad bod. It's cold, crisp, succulent, and delicious flavour is full of stomach expanding carbs. This is especially true after a turkey and beer filled December. Now with the holidays over, it's safe to say we're all feeling a little bloated at KJ. January is a great time to cut down on the excesses of December, and in this spirit we're making a very low calorie, sessionable beer for January. 

By fermenting all the way down to 1.004, we were able to use fewer grains - which means fewer calories. In fact, this beer has just 120 calories per 12oz glass. Our resident Keto expert, Devin, gives it a Grade A rating - only 4 grams of your net carbs. 

All that being said, just because this beer is low calorie doesn't mean it needs to taste awful. In fact, this is one of our favourite beers of the year. Drink beer and lose weight*, what's not to love?

Super Sesh is light, but full of hop aroma and flavour. The Simcoe hops add a big burst of pine, passion fruit, and beery to the crisp tasting beer. In order to get this beer down to 1.004 or lower (our first attempt hit 1.000) we used a special enzyme that makes the wort highly fermentable. We were able to have a starting gravity of just 1.040 while still ending up with a 4.4% ABV beer. We're really proud of the result and think our customers will appreciate something a bit lighter. If you don't already have a container of Amylo 300, be sure to pick one up for this recipe. Without it, this beer will finish at 1.007 or higher.

* we recommend consulting with your dietician before starting the Super Sesh diet.

Full Recipe Instructions and Description


Extracts & Grains

Golden Light LME x 2 3.3LB Containers


Simcoe x 1oz @10 minutes

Simcoe x 1oz @0 minutes (or a 10 minute whirlpool at 170°f)

Simcoe x 2oz @ Dry Hopping for 7 days


S-04 British Ale Yeast

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