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Ss Brewtech 5.5 Gallon Brew Kettle

SS Brewtech makes some of the best kettles in brewing. This 5.5 gallon pot is made from high quality 304 stainless steel, featuring an aluminum tri-clad bottom for even heating and scorch prevention. Due to the thick base, this pot can be used on induction heating, as well as other heating sources. 

5.5 Gallon pots are best for making 3 gallon all grain batches, or 5 gallon extract batches. 

The silicone handles are sturdy and easy to hold, and allow for the lid to be stored on the handles. 


- 3 piece ball valve with trub dam pick-up tube

- Etched volume markings in gallons and liters

- 7/8" recirculation port (can be used for a thermometer or a whirlpool setup)

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