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Potassium Metabisulphite (1kg)

Potassium Metabisulphite is one of the most useful ingredients in winemaking. It has a wide variety of uses. We use it exclusively for sterilizing our equipment, stabilizing our wines, and for preparing fruit for fermentation. 

Potassium Metabisulphite is identical to Campden Tablets. Generally: 1/4 tsp Metabisulphite = 1 Campden Tablet


- 1 tbsp/gallon of water for a re-usable sterilizing solution

- 1/2 tsp/500ml water in a spray bottle for a spray sanitizer. Be sure to rinse with water after using. 

- 1 tsp/22L of wine mixed with 100ml of water to stabilize post fermentation. Can also used stabilizer in this place as well. 

- 1/2 tsp/22L of wine mixed with 100ml of water at bottling to ensure the wine is properly stabilized. Do not add stabilizer at this stage - only metabisulphite. 

- 1/4 tsp/5 gallons of fresh fruit must to kill any wild bacteria and yeasts. Let it sit for 24 hours before innoculating with yeast. 

- 1/4 tap/5 gallons of water to de-chlorinate (useful for when brewing with chrlorine or chloramine filled city water like Guelph or KW)

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