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Pink Boots Hops

About Pink Boots: Yakima Chief Hops has partnered with Pink Boots Society, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to women in the brewing profession, to create an annual hop blend in celebration and support of women in beer, $3 per pound sold by Yakima Chief goes to the Pink Boots Society Scholarship fund. 

Each year, Yakima Chief Hops staff and Pink Boots Society members gather around a table filled with a wide variety of hop samples during the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. The team carefully rubs, smells and experiences each hop sample, and decides on the recipe for the blend to be shipped the following year.  

The 2020 Pink Boots Blend was chosen by more than 100 PBS members during the 2019 Great American Beer Festival. The blend consists of Azacca®, El Dorado®, Idaho Gem™ and Loral®, creating a blend with tropical, citrus and piney aromatic qualities.

We love the smell of this hop, we can't wait to use it in our next fruit forward IPA!

Dual Purpose Hop

Alpha Acid: 12.4%

Profile: Tropical, Citrus, Pine

Typical Brewing Style: IPA, NEIPA, Pale Ale, Saison, Blonde Ale, Wheat Beers

Location: USA

Current Crop Year: 2020


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