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Perlick Chrome Faucet

This is the Perlick 630 polished chrome faucet for beer dispensing. The 630PC combines the affordability of a low-lead brass body for beer dispensing with advanced Forward Sealing technology. Forward Sealing employs a revolutionary ball and floating O-ring design, which eliminates the need for a valve shaft. Beer is not exposed to air, so the handle lever doesn’t stick, and there’s no place in the faucet body for mold and bacteria to accumulate.

Key Features:

- Polished chrome finish adds style and is easy to maintain.

- Patented Forward Sealing design eliminates the need for a valve shaft. No vent holes to clean.

- Because of the Forward Sealing design, internal parts are not exposed to air—no buildup of mold or bacteria in the faucet body. Handle will not stick.

- Spout angle is more vertical than typical to allow more thorough draining after each pour—no horizontal area for beer to settle.

- Polished interior offers smooth flow, less agitation, less foaming. 

- Fits all North American shanks.

- Easy cleaning, can be cleaned in place


Tap handle not included

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