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    Mash Tun

    This is one of our favourite, and most used pieces of equipment for us home brewers at KJ. This mash tun holds mash temperatures extremely well, is easy to use, and keeps our efficiency high. Connor has personally brewed over 200 batches of beer with his first and only unit, these things last a long time!

    It comes equipped either with a silicone ringed false bottom or a 6" Bazooka Screen. Both of these keeps the grain away from the spigot. We find the false bottom is far more effective. 

    The cooler has a capacity of 11.7 gallons and is able to mash enough grain for high gravity 10 gallon batches. We recommend using rice hulls to help with lautering if mashing more than 7 gallons of wort. 

    How to use a mash tun


    - Silicone ringed false bottom (works soooo well) or 6" Bazooka Screen

    - Metal spigot


    - Inside 19"x13 1/4

    - Outside: 21 3/8" x 15 1/2"


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