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  • Malbec 2023 - 11.5L Juice Canister

    Arriving in April 2023 and via pre-order only. This is our 2023 Chilean Malbec juice. The Malbec juice produces a full bodied, indigo coloured wine. It has dark jammy fruit flavours featuring notes of dark cherry, cocoa, and black pepper. It is something truly unique and absolutely worth trying. The 2022 Malbec had an ABV of 14.7% when it was finished! It was a BIG wine. 

    We also offer a grape skins addition for fuller bodied, more tannic wines. 

    Each 11.5L order of both the standard and skins version of Malbec will be enough must to produce 14-15 750ml bottles of wine. This is NOT concentrated and please do NOT add any water to it. 

    Please note, this product arrives fresh and unpasteurized. It must be picked up within a week of arriving at KJ and fermentation must begin immediately. 

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