Loral Hops

Loral is known as a "super noble" hop. It is developed from classic nobles hops but has more alpha acid. On top of that it has wonderful floral and herbal notes followed by a backdrop of citrus and earthy character. A touch of sweet fruity aroma rounds out this well-balanced hop. In beer, the floral notes are accentuated yet complemented nicely by fruity and citrus with just a hint of herbal. Don’t expect an in-your-face fruity character with Loral™ as seen with some recent U.S. variety releases - this hop is approachable and balanced. Great for distinctive IPAs and pale ales but perfect for sessionable and lager-style beers. 

Dual Purpose Hop

Alpha Acid: 10-12%

Beta Acid: 4.5-5.5%

Profile: Floral, Herbal, Citrus

Possible Brewing Styles: Ales, Lager, Blonde, Pilsner, IPA

Location: United States

Current Crop Year: 2021