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KRUSHER - Escarpment Labs

Made by Guelph's own Escarpment Labs Yeast Company. This is their KRUSHER yeast. Here is what they had to say about it "You asked, we listened. Clean kveik with a dryer finish. KRUSHER is a single strain isolate from Jordal Kveik, which was selected for high attenuation and medium flocculation. KRUSHER can be used anywhere you want clean flavour results at a wide range of temperatures as well as a dry finish. While it is not quite as lager-like as KRISPY, we think KRUSHER can sub-in on pseudolagers, or ferment super clean ales faster than American ale strains."

Our experience at KJ with KRUSHER is that it does make clean tasting beers, but it is a very hazy yeast. We typically have to cold crash for 7-14 days to get it to clarify properly.

Current Production Date: February 2022

Freshest By Date: August 2022

Flocculation: Medium-High

Attenuation: 78-86%

Temperature Range: 20-25ºC (66-73ºF)

Alcohol Tolerance: Medium

Further Details:

- 6 month shelf life *NEW* (explanation)

- 180 billion cells which will be adequate pitch rate for a standard-gravity brew

- Keep cold

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