IPA – 5.5 Gal - OG 1.043 – FG 1.000 – ABV 5.2% - IBU 15 – SRM 4

The weather is about to warm up, and that means it is officially lager season! But alas, despite being the ideal time to drink lagers, spring and summer are never good times to make lagers. It is too damn hot! Lagers traditionally need to be fermented at 10-14°C for weeks at a time. Slight deviations from that can have profound consequences on the taste of the beer.

Well, here comes Escarpment Labs to the rescue! They have developed a special strain of yeast that is designed to make clean, lager like beers that are meant to be fermented in warmer temperature. The KRISPY strain should be fermented between 20-30°C – which is perfect for the spring and summer!

This beer uses our newly arrived, Dingemans Belgian Pilsen malt. We’ve long sought to bring this malt in and we’re very excited to be able to feature it in a recipe. The end result is an easy drinking, Krisp, lager like beer. It is not technically a lager, but it tastes just like one. It is simple and clean – just like a lager should be.

Full Description and Instructions


  • Dingemans Belgian Pilsen x 8.0lbs
  • Carahell x 0.5lbs
  • Carafoam x 0.5lbs
  • Acidulated Malt x .25lbs
  • Loral (11.9% A.A.) - 1.5 oz @ 5 minutes
  • Loral (11.9% A.A.) - 0.5 oz @ 0 minutes
  • KRISPY (Escarpment Labs)
Extras (Must be purchased separately)
  • Amylo 300 (use 1/10th of an ounce when pitching the yeast)
  • DME/Dextrose - 150g at bottling for priming
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