KRISPY - Escarpment Labs

Made by Guelph's own Escarpment Labs Yeast Company. This is their KRISPY 2.0 yeast. Here's what they had to say about it: "KRISPY with the higher attenuation you've been asking for. KRISPY 2.0 is a variant of KRISPY that we lab-evolved* to get better at fermenting maltotriose. This means it produces dryer beers than the original. It's also a single, flocculent strain, which should remedy the occasional "hazy-KRISPY" problem.

*Yeast can evolve dramatically in a matter of months. We repitched KRISPY into more than 60 generations of high-gravity wort, selecting the top-performing variants along the way to eventually get to KRISPY 2.0. Life finds a way, friends.

Current Production Date: January 2023

Freshest By Date: July 2023

Flocculation: Medium-High

Attenuation: 82-90%

Temperature Range: 18-30ºC (66-73ºF)

Alcohol Tolerance: High

Further Details:

- 6 month shelf life *NEW* (explanation)

- 180 billion cells which will be adequate pitch rate for a standard-gravity brew

- Keep cold