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    KRISPY - Escarpment Labs

    Lickety-split (pseudo) lagers. Makes very clean lager-like beers at ale temps.

    KRISPY can be used to make clean, lager-like beers in a fraction of the time since fermentations can be performed at ale temperatures.

    At KJ, when it comes to making Lagers, our default yeast is always Krispy. Sure, we could use a proper lager strain. But Krispy delivers 98% of the taste of a standard lager but without all of the hassle and RISK of lagering properly. There is still a time and place for lager yeasts, but when in doubt -> go with KRISPY. 

    Current Production Date: November 2023

    Freshest By Date: May 2024

    Flocculation: Medium-High

    Attenuation: 82-90%

    Temperature Range: 18-30ºC (66-73ºF)

    Alcohol Tolerance: High

    Further Details:

    - 6 month shelf life *NEW* (explanation)

    - 180 billion cells which will be adequate pitch rate for a standard-gravity brew

    - Keep cold

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