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Kolnasata Kveik - Escarpment Labs

Kolnasāta is sourced from a traditional Latvian brewer named Dainis Rakstiņš from the Bērzpils area. Despite the name, it is neither a Kolsch strain nor a Pils strain ;-) Kolnasāta offers up ample doses of pineapple esters along with medium attenuation and flocculation. It is POF- (non-phenolic) which means it can be used in a wide range of beers. The traditional beer it ferments is made by heating the mash using hot stones!

Notes from the Team at Escarpment Labs:
- This is not a kveik yeast but rather a continental European farmhouse strain. 
- We obtained permission to offer this strain from the brewer, who requested that anyone selling the yeast call it by the name Kolnasāta.
- We have performed whole genome sequencing of this strain. Genetically, it is part of a group of other Continential European Farmhouse Ale strains and is different from kveik. More on that to come!
- This strain is STA1- but shows growth on LCSM Agar indicating it is resistant to copper sulfate. 

Further Details:

- 6 month shelf life *NEW* (explanation)

- 180 billion cells which will be adequate pitch rate for a standard-gravity brew

- Keep cold

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