Keg Line Cleaning Kit

Use this keg line cleaning kit to keep your draft lines at home clean. 

How to use:

Simply fill a pop bottle or any kind of PET bottle with the diluted cleaning solution and attach it the beer shank on your draft tower (the faucet will have to be removed first). Run the solutuion through your lines, we recommend recirculating a few times. Once that's done, flush the solution with cold, clean water. 

If you find the lines are still not clean after this process, we recommend changing the lines next. Beverage line tubing is relatively inexpensive to replace ($10ish per draft line)

Kit Includes:

- Cleaning kit pump that attaches to pop/PET bottles

- Spanner wrench for removing faucets

- Faucet Brush

- 4oz Beverage System Cleaner

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