Kegerator - Single Tap

Made by Danby. We absolutely love this piece of equipment. 

Everyone at KJ owns one of these and we absolutely these pieces of equipment. 

We can fit two Cornelius, or two 20L Sanke kegs inside, along with a 5lb CO2 tank.


This item cannot be shipped, available for local pickup only



- Castors

- Regulator

- *empty* CO2 Tank (5lb)

- Drip Tray

- Guard Rail

- All the fittings needed for Sanke kegs



Width: 50.8cm

Depth: 64.14cm

Height: 85.09cm



- Pick up an intertap faucet to replace the standard faucets on this model. The beer will pour much better with a lot less foam. 

- Getting a Sanke to Cornelius conversion kit will allow you to hook up Cornelius kegs to the system. 

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