Jorts in July

Jorts in July

Wheat Beer - 5.5 Gallons - All Grain - ABV 4.8% - IBU 16 - SRM 3


Who doesn’t love a good crisp pair of jorts on a hot summer day? Nothing says summer like your favourite pair of Levi’s cut in-half. Speaking of summer, how about a good crisp pint of beer? For July we bring you a sessionable, fruit forward wheat beer. It’s filled to the brim with aromatic, citrusy hops yet it doesn’t have any of the bitterness of an IPA. We’ve also added orange and grapefruit peels in primary fermentation to enhance the fruitiness. 


Recipe Instructions


Included Ingredients


Wheat Malt x 4.5lbs

Pilsner x 5lbs

Flaked Wheat x 1lb

Acidualted x 0.1lbs



Citra 1oz x 5 minutes

Mosaic 1oz x 5 minutes

Citra 1oz x 0 minutes (add at flameout)