I'm Idaho - Pale Ale Recipe

I'm Idaho

Pale Ale - 5.5 Gallons - All Grain - ABV 5.3% - IBU 39 - SRM 2 

Recently we were able to get our hands on a bunch of fresh Idaho 7 hops. We had been trying to get them for awhile, and when we got them in we were pretty stoked. First thing to do? Brew a SMaSH with them to see what the flavour profile is like. For those not aware, a SMaSH is an acronym referring to Single Malt and Single Hop. It is way to learn more about a particular ingredient in a beer. Generally, it is used to see what a hop tastes like.

So the beer! Named after Ralph’s phenomenal costume where he is dressed as the state of Idaho. We put a little more effort into the beer than Ralph did his costume. It is crisp, light, and very hop forward. It isn’t bitter at all, but has a lot of hop aroma. The Idaho 7 really shines in this recipe. We had notes of peace, grapefruit and tropical fruit from the beer. It’ll be a great patio sipper.

Purchasing this recipe includes all of the below ingredients, as well as the instructions. Equipment and extras such as dextrose or DME for priming are sold separately

Recipe Instructions

Included Ingredients


Pilsner x 10.5lbs

Acidulated x 0.25lbs


0.5oz Idaho 7 @ 30min

1oz Idaho 7 @15min

1oz Idaho 7 @2min


2oz Idaho 7 - 4 days in Secondary



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