House Ale Yeast - Escarpment Labs

The very first dry yeast from Escarpment Labs.

House Ale is a versatile strain that can be used to reliably ferment IPAs, Blond Ales, Stouts, and more. It offers the same reliable fermentation you can expect from Escarpment Labs, but in a dry, easy-to-pitch format.

Attenuation: 75-85%

Temperature: 16-22C (61-72F)

Flocculation: Medium

Alcohol Tolerance: High (12-14%)

Each 11g pouch can be pitched in up to 20L (5 gallons) of 1.065 (17°P) wort. 

For more information about using House Ale (including recommended pitch rate & storage parameters), see the data sheet.

Need to figure out if dry or liquid yeast is best for your brew? Check out Escarpments blog post, "Liquid Yeast vs. Dry Yeast: Which is Better?".