Full Time Saison - Extract Version

Full-Time Saison Extract Version

Saison - 5.5 Gal - 4.9% ABV - 26 IBU - 3 SRM

Full-Time Saison is a golden coloured, easy going Saison. It has some of the breadiness of a wheat beer, along with the crispness of a Saison. There are big notes of lemon, lime, and honey. It has lots of personality, yet is very easy drinking. Be sure to enjoy a pint while you rake the leaves and clean the eavestroughs this fall. 

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Golden Light LME x 3.3lbs (1 container)

Golden Light DME x 1lb

Bavarian Wheat DME x 2lbs

Carahell x 0.25 lbs

Acidulated Malt x 0.25lbs


Magnum x 0.5oz @ 60 minutes

Motueka x 1oz @ 5 minutes

Motueka x 1oz @ 0 minutes (flameout)


BE-134 Saison Yeast

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