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Free Willamette - California Common Recipe

Free Willamette

California Common - 5.5 Gal - 5.3% ABV - 31 IBU, 17 SRM

This beer was originally made by us back in 2018 as a way to clear up some older yeast and hops. It turned out to be amazing! We have since refined the recipe, and now user fresher ingredients. 

California Common, also known as steam beers, are lager like malt forward beers. They have distinct malty notes while balanced with a strong hop character. 

Free Willamette has a tonne of malt flavour, but is still light and crisp. We love this beer, and it turns out a lot of our friends in the community do too, as it won silver at the Blazing Paddles Homebrew Competition. 

Full Description of the Recipe.


Maris Otter x 8.5lbs

Munich Dark x 1lb

Crystal Light x 0.5lbs

Chocolate x 0.2lbs

Acidulated Malt x 0.25lbs


Willamette (4.6% AA) x 1.25oz @ 60 minutes

Willamette (4.6% AA) x 1.5oz @ 15 minutes

Willamette (4.6% AA) x 1.25oz @ 0 minutes (Flameout)



Goldrush Lager by Escarpment Labs

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