Gloriously Generic Pale Ale - Pale Ale Recipe

Gloriously Generic Pale Ale

Pale Ale - 5.5 Gal - 5.3% ABV - 35 IBU - 5 SRM 

Sometimes you just want a beer. That's it, a beer, it's gotta be simple, easy drinking, and it doesn't need to have any sort of fun story behind it. It's a beer. It's not too malty, too hoppy, too sour, too boozy, or too pretentious. It is just a beer, a damn good one at that.  

Recipe Instructions


2 Row x 9.5lbs

Biscuit x 0.75lbs

Honey Malt x 0.25lbs


Centennial 0.5oz @ 30 minutes

Centennial 1oz @ 15 minutes

Centennial 0.5oz @ 5 minutes

Centennial 1oz @ 0 minutes (or add at 170°F during the cooling process)