EC-1118 Yeast

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EC 1118 is one of the most popular yeasts in the world. It is used to produce Champagne, white wine, red wine, cider, and many fruit wines. 

 It ferments very well, is a rugged yeast that can ferment up to 18% alc/vol. It is in our in house yeast for all white wines. 


- Can be used to restart stuck fermentations

- Operates betweem 10°c-30°c

- Its fermentations result in compact lees

- Can be a bit of a bulldozer, it can remove some of the more subtle aromas from wines. 


This product qualifies for $2 flat rate shipping anywhere in Canada! Up to 10 per package, then $0.20 per sachet after that. Mix and match with all dry beer, cider and wine yeasts. Shipped via Canada Post letter mail.