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Dirty Blonde

Dirty Blonde

Blond-ish Ale - 5.5 Gal - 4.4% ABV - 15 IBU, 5 SRM

This month’s beer is brought to you by Robyn! This is the first beer she has designed and brewed herself. She approached the design process like a new homebrewer (because that is what she is).

Read the full description to see the decision making process in full! Nonetheless, the finished beer is a light bodied, low alcohol, crisp blonde ale with a refreshing hop aroma! 

Full Description and Instructions


Canadian 2 Row x 8lbs

Honey Malt x 1lbs

Acidulated Malt x 0.20lbs


Saaz (3.8% AA) x 1oz @ 20 minutes

Saaz (3.8% AA) x 1oz @ 15 minutes

Galaxy x 1oz - 3 Day Dry Hop




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