CO2 Tank - 20LB New & Filled

This is a brand new, filled 20LB CO2 Tank. It has a standard barb that works with all CO2 regulators. As a bonus, purchasing a new CO2 tank gets you into our CO2 exchange program! When this tank is empty, visit us in store and we can swap it out for another tank!

Typically a 20LB CO2 tank has enough gas to serve 35 20L kegs, or charge and serve 22 kegs. Be sure to make everything is wrench tight in your system when installing the CO2 tank, anything hand tightened will often silently leak until the gas is gone in a week or so.


Height: 71cm

Diameter: 21cm

Learn more about our CO2 Program!

Shipping CO2 is a very expensive and hazerdous process, because of this we only offer this product as a local pickup option.