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Cider Starter Kit - w/ Used Carboy

Make your own cider at home with this classic starter kit. This kit has everything needed for the fermentation and aging of cider. For bottling supplies, check out our bottling starter kit


Package Includes:

- 6.5 Gallon Ail Pale x 1

- LID for 6.5 Gallon Ale Pail

- Used 5 Gallon Glass Carboy

- Hydrometer

- Regular Auto Siphon

- Tubing - 5/16" x 6ft

- 3 Piece Airlock

- #6.5 Rubber Bung

- Filling Tube

- Starsan - 4oz

- Pectic Enzyme (50g)


Check out some of our Cider Instructions to get the ball rolling!

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